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Delivering powerful media & publishing solutions to our members.

Member Benefits

CVC AUDIT: Circulation and Readership Audits are provided to CPNE members, free of charge.The audits will provide valuable information about each publication and the group that will be essential in securing regional and national advertising.

SRDS LISTING:Your company is listed in the premier source for media buyers.

NETWORKING: Share ideas and solve problems with member publishers, advertising salespeople, design, production, circulation and management. Meet with associate members who provide current industry information. CONFERENCES & TRADE SHOWS: Reduced registration for all member publications and personnel for CPNE events & Roundtables.

AD MALL: Welcome to AdMall®, the leading new business development system for media advertising. Just a minute or two with AdMall makes it easier to: protect the business you have; develop incremental sales from the calls you’re already making; and gain the competitve edge to win new accounts.

NEWSLETTER:"The Insider" newsletter includes information of upcoming events, reports on happenings past and future, industry news and more.

EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS: Learn from renowned industry experts in motivation, sales, design, telemarketing and more. 

WEBSITE: Provides a complete profile of member publication information, associate member listings and association information & weekly classifieds on the website.



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